AOL Desktop Gold is one of the brilliant software that is used for browsing the internet. This Software includes a media player, a web browser, and an instant messaging application. Many users in the united states have greeted AOL Desktop Design on their system. Not only its design look is better but also the advanced features of this software have gained the attention of everyone. Features like enhanced encryption, Advanced security, and automatic updates make this software amazing and brilliant.AOL Desktop Gold is very fast and reliable in nature and the same thing goes for its icon. Whenever you Download AOL Desktop Gold and install it properly inside your computer then a small icon has been created. This Icon helps you to enjoy the features of AOL desktop gold at a very fast rate. But this icon can also encounter some technical errors that needed to resolve.

AOL Icon Missing from Desktop is one of the most common error that has been encounter by anyone. Mostly users face this problem on their computers as the AOL icon has been missing from it.No need to worry as in this post how this problem can troubleshoot has been explained. Some Easy troubleshooting steps have been explained below to overcome this error.


Easy Steps to Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing Error:

To Resolve AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing you need to reinstall the software again and after that, you have to create a shortcut icon. Both of these troubleshooting steps have been explained perfectly below.


Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Open any web browser of the system and visit the official website of the AOL
  • Download AOL Desktop gold by clicking on the downloading link
  • The Downloading process will start automatically within a few seconds
  • When Download is complete then locate the file and save it inside the system
  • Now Install the file properly and run it inside the system.
  • The file will be installed successfully inside the system. Now Create a Shortcut icon of AOL Desktop Gold
  • To create icon just make right-click on the installed file and choose the option to create a new shortcut icon
  • Now you will see the AOL Desktop Icon has appeared on the Desktop.


Create a New Shortcut Icon:

Sometimes if you Already have AOL Desktop Gold installed on your computer and the only icon is missing then create a new icon again.


  • Search the bottom tray of your screen Where all the other icons have been placed
  • Choose the options to show all the hidden items and find AOL Desktop Gold
  • Make a Right Click on the File and select create a Desktop Gold icon
  • AOL Desktop Gold icon will be automatically placed on the screen


Follow these important steps without any hesitation and AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing Error will be resolved easily. In case if you need any assistance to perform these steps then get in touch with our professional experts. Our Experts will guide you properly and ensures that you will never experience this type of error in the future.


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