AOL has introduced an upgraded version of AOL Desktop which has been called AOL Desktop Gold. This upgraded software has brought some new advanced features which make Desktop Gold more amazing than the previous version. It has produced enhanced security for the software and creates an amazing browsing experience.AOL Gold Desktop Download Steps have been very easy for any operating system. So it does not matter whether you’re a Windows user or Mac it supports both of them. But Even with these Amazing features AOL Desktop Gold still encounters some errors that can be very dangerous. These Errors either may be written in error messages or in error codes. If you’re getting any type of this message or codes then need no worry. In this post, we have explained how to tackle these types of errors if in any case, AOL Gold Stopped Working.

To tackle AOL Gold stopped working error first we see some scenario that indicates that AOL Gold not working Condition.

Circumstances that indicates AOL Gold not Working Condition:

  • Processing task and programs get crashed without any warning 
  • System Screen turns black while using the software 
  • AOL Gold Icon not Working while clicking on it 
  • No Response from the web browser while the software is open 
  • Unable to send or receive emails in AOL Account.


So these are some scenarios that can conclude that AOL Gold not Working Properly. Now let us see how you can troubleshoot this issue, some important steps have been discussed below that will surely help you out.

Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold not Working Problem: 

Upgrade the Software Manually:

Though due to Advanced features of AOL Desktop Gold it updates automatically when it requires. But if you’re encountering an error then this automatic update is not possible. In this case, Make a deep check on the software manually and see if there is any requirement in the software that needs to be upgraded.


Check General Settings:

In our system, we also have some other application that needs to be upgraded. Whenever they require up-gradation then certain changes have been made inside general settings. Due to Slightly change in their general settings, it can affect the functioning of Desktop Gold. So ensure that if some changes have been made in general settings of the system then restore it to the previous one.


Disable Add-ons

There may be some installed add-ons that may be not compatible with AOL Desktop Gold. So use those Add-ons only when they are necessary required otherwise disable them and run a deep scan inside the system.


Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold Again:

If All the above steps may not be sufficient to resolve AOL Gold not Working issue then Reinstall the AOL Desktop gold again inside your system. To reinstall the software follow the easy steps that have been mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website and Download AOL Desktop Gold 
  • Locate the file and run it immediately to reinstall it 
  • Now create the icon by right click on the install file.
  • Open the icon and then desktop gold will run normally 


These are some of the most basic troubleshooting steps that will fix AOL Gold not Working Problem. But still, if the issue is not resolved then get in touch with the professional technical expertise to resolve the issue.


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