Download AOL Desktop Gold

Download AOL Desktop Gold

AOL is an amalgamation of all the exclusive online services like email, browsing, online entertainment in a single software. One can download AOL Desktop Gold on their computer and email the files, browse the web, listen to online music, watch online videos, play cool games etc. With AOL, a customer can witness reliability, speed, and security. The style and look of this software are upgraded to share a friendly experience with the customers. In this post, you will get to know how you can download AOL Desktop Gold on your computer and enjoy the wonderful services offered by the AOL.


Features you can enjoy with AOL Desktop Gold Download on your device:

  • Very simple downloading and installation process.
  • Automatic Update feature to ease the struggle of updating the software every time a new version is available.
  • Enhanced security features with the two-step verification to keep the customer data secure from online threats.
  • With AOL Desktop Gold Download, you can take benefit of Anti-keylogging feature that keeps your data protected from online theft.
  • AOL supports the premium security features like anti-phishing which helps to block the spam emails.
  • A user can enable or disable the screenshot as per the preference to protect private information.
  • All the contacts can be stored on AOL server and the users can access their favourites and contacts anytime they want.
  • You can export or import your data and email from one system to the another.

Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

For Windows User

New AOL users- If you are new with AOL Desktop Gold, you need to make an AOL account. Having AOL account is necessary to use the AOL services. To create an account, visit AOL official website and provide necessary details to create the AOL account. Once you are done with this, proceed with the steps below:

  • Go to the AOL Desktop Gold Login page and sign in to the AOL account.
  • Choose the AOL premium plan as per your preference.
  • The email to download AOL has been sent to your email account. Go to your email inbox, and find the email with the subject ‘ Start with AOL Desktop Gold’.
  • Click on the link provided in the email to initiate the AOL downloading,
  • Once the downloading process is complete, proceed to install the software by following onscreen instructions.
  • Accept the License Agreement and follow the instructions to complete the process.

If you are a Window 10 user, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the AOL website and click on the link ‘Get AOL Membership today’.
  • Create the AOL account by following onscreen instructions.
  • Once you are done with creating an account, click ‘Manage Subscription’ option and after that, click on ‘Premium Subscription’ tab.
  • Under the ‘Download AOL Desktop Gold’ click on Get Started button.
  • The downloading process will begin. Once the downloading is completed, you will receive the notification on your registered email ID, saying that you can start the installation process.
  • Run the downloaded file to install the software.
  • Once you are done, click the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ icon and login it to.

That’s all! You are all set to use the AOL services on your Windows 10 device.

If you are an AOL member, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the AOL Login page and log in to the AOL account.
  • Go to ‘AOL Benefits’ section and search for AOL Gold.
  • Download the software.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the installation.

For MAC Users

The steps to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac operating system depend upon the subscriber status or AOL Membership Plan, you have chosen. You can follow the guidelines below to complete the downloading on your Mac device:

  • If you have ‘AOL Advantage Plan’, you can simply log in to your AOL account and open the ‘My Benefits’ section. In the ‘All Products’ section, look for AOL Desktop Gold and hit the ‘Download’ button.
  • If you have an AOL trial version or the AOL Subscription, you can visit the ‘My Account’ section and choose the ‘Services and Subscription’ option. Find the AOL gold and hit the ‘Get Started’ button. After that, follow the on-screen guidelines.
  • If you are signed up for AOL Gold, you can use the link sent to your email for AOL Desktop Gold download on your Mac device.
  • Save the file and proceed with the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

With these simple guidelines, you can complete the AOL Desktop Gold Download on your device. Make sure you follow the mentioned instructions carefully step by step, this will help you to avoid the downloading and installation hassles. In case, if you are still not comfortable to download the software on your system, you can contact the experts and seek their assistance to get in done in the right way.

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